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Why is my screen freezing during screen sharing?

Let’s walk through some steps to see why your screen is freezing: 

For best performance we recommend that the computer with the shared screen have a minimum Internet connection of 180K upload and a powerful computer (a dual core CPU is recommended). You should close applications which are not being used to conserve resources.

  • You can also manually adjust the amount of bandwidth and computer resources being used. From your ooVoo go to: ooVoo > Settings > Video Calls (or ooVoo >Preferences > Video Calls for Mac users). Go to Screen Sharing Settings and select the “0.5 frames per second” setting to use less computer resources and Internet bandwidth.
  • During video calls, a minimum of 180 KB of available bandwidth is required for the upload and 150 KB per window required for the download (including the audio and video). For each video pane that is added to the video conversation, more download bandwidth is required to download the video on the other participants’ side. The video quality depends on the available bandwidth the users have. If there is more available bandwidth, then the video quality will be better.

Click here to test your internet speed and quality. It requires Java to run. 

1)   Click on your location on the map and then click on the USA: Dulles, Virginia test center

2)   Be sure to click YES to Allow Java to run

3)   On the right side of the page under Choose a Test Type, click on Speed and Click to Start Test

4)   The test results will present your upload and download speed. All indicators should be green. Yellow or Red on Consistency of Service means your internet bandwidth is not stable and can result in video call problems.

5)   Next, under Choose a Test Type, click on Quality and Click to Start Test.

6)   When the test is finished, click on the SUMMARY tab. Yellow or Red on Consistency of Service means your internet bandwidth is not stable and can result in video call problems

We suggest contacting your internet provider if you have consistent video call problems and red lights. Be sure to tell them you are having video calls which are impacted by low quality of service. Most internet bandwidth services will fluctuate in peak usage times and this is normal; the best measure is to upgrade your service.


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