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The camera on my PC does not work

We have several steps to repair your camera issue. 


  1. Are you using an external USB camera? Disconnect and reconnect.
  2. Do you have a new camera OR did it used to work? Check for updates on the drivers from the manufacturer.
  3. Click on the ooVoo Help menu and select Check your audio and video.
    • If there is more than one camera option, select each one and test to see if you can see yourself.
    • If you get a message saying that the camera is currently busy, make sure that the camera is not being used by other programs.
    • If you get a message saying “ooVoo is not detecting your camera,” check if your webcam is detected by other applications and installed on your computer (such as the webcam software or other video programs). If it is working on other applications that use the camera, please send us the camera model or laptop model in a support request.

*Win 8.1 users - update your display card driver and your camera driver 

Note: ooVoo will not work with a Playstation camera or external camera requiring a video card.

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