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How do I close my account from my PC or Mac?

To close your account, you should remove all personal details and make yourself unsearchable. This way, no one can search for you using personal information.

Please follow the steps below: 

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to ooVoo > My Profile > Edit my Profile
    • In the Display Name field, type “closed.”
    • Remove your Display photo.
  3. Go to ooVoo > Settings > Privacy.
    • Change the Search profile setting to “No one”

4. Go to ooVoo > Emails.

  1. Under Notifications, uncheck the boxes.

5. Uninstall ooVoo

Remove from PC:  

  • XP: Go to Start Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Scroll down and select ooVoo and click Remove. Click Yes in the confirmation message to start the uninstall process.
  • Vista or Windows 7: Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. Select ooVoo and clicked Remove. Click Yes in the confirmation message to start the uninstall process.
  • Windows 10: Right click on Start menu>Control panel>Uninstall a program.

Remove from Mac: 

  • Go to Applications in your hard drive and drag ooVoo to the trash. Also drag the ooVoo Installer on the desktop to the trash.

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