How do I report harassment?
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How do I report harassment?

Please contact us to report harassment, threats, or other unacceptable behavior;  click here and include the following information:

  1. Your ooVoo ID
  2. The ooVoo ID of the person you are reporting
  3. A description of the issue you are reporting

If your personal safety is threatened, please contact the police, your parents, someone you trust, or your school right away!

We want all ooVoo customers to have fun and feel safe. We do not tolerate behavior that violates our Terms of Use including harassment, threats or cyber-bullying.. All reports are private!


  1. If you receive an unwanted invitation be sure to Ignore and BLOCK the request so they cannot contact you again.
  2. We suggest to update your ooVoo Privacy Settings. If your Privacy settings are wide open you can be contacted by anyone at any time. Click here to update your Privacy settings. 



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