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Welcome to ooVoo! ooVoo video calls are always free...to or from anywhere in the world.

All you need is the latest version of ooVoo from the Play store and an Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G). You’re all set to connect with your friends!

Are you getting an error that says your device is not compatible? Tap here to learn more. 

I. Log in & Create an ooVoo ID

Tap the ooVoo icon on your screen 

  1. Click Sign up for ooVoo, enter the requested info, and tap Submit. Choose your ooVoo ID wisely, because it can not be changed!  
  2. If you’ve already signed up: Tap on Sign In and enter your ooVoo ID or email address and password and tap Log In. Or tap Login with Facebook to log in using your Facebook account. 

3.  Now you’re in! Every time you open the app, you start at the Friends screen so you can quickly make a call. Tablet users start at the ME screen.  

Here are some things you can do from your ME screen:

    • Tap your photo to get to your Profile and make updates
    • Tap the  of a friend to quickly start a call or chat.
    • Tap Messages to see your history
    • Smart phone users - Tap ME to Log Out, access My Media and your General Settings (Privacy settings, password, etc)
    • Tablet users - From ME tap profile photo and tap the Settings icon to access your General Settings (Privacy settings, password, etc)

II. Add Friends & Remove friends

Let’s get your crew into your contact list. From Tablet - Tap the .  From Smartphone - Tap the Friends tab.

Find and invite friends from ooVoo, your contacts, or by connecting to Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.

  1. Select a social network and use your username and password to connect.
  2. Tap the add button to add a friend to your contact list.
  3. Tap Invite to invite a friend to join you on ooVoo. Write a personal message to let your friend know you want to video chat!

Add friends from your Address Book 

You can enter your telephone number and it's like a shortcut: it gives you the ability to add more friends, faster. It's not mandatory, it's just something that saves you time and ease so you can get to talking sooner.  

You can add your phone number or change your existing phone number after ooVoo is installed. Adding your phone number will add your ooVoo friends in your address book to your friend's list who are already on ooVoo.

Your telephone number is not displayed to anyone.

How to Add or Change your telephone number:

  • Tap on ooVoo Setting icon from ME screen
  • Tap on General>Verify New Phone Number
  • Enter your phone number and tap SUBMIT on the orange bar
  • After you receive the code enter it into the ooVoo field

Your list is already growing! You can also tap on Invites and Suggestions to find people you may know that are already on ooVoo.

Need to remove someone and block them? Tap here to learn how. 

III. Chat with your friends 

  1. Go to your Friends list.
  2. Tap on a friend’s name and a screen with several options open: 
    • Tap Video Chat to start a video call.
    • Tap Play icon to record a Video Message or send a video or photo.
    • Tap Voice Call to start a voice-only call.
    • Tap Text Chat field to start text messaging

IVStart a Video Chat

Let’s dive in with a video chat, so you can see and talk to your friends while you’re on your mobile device.

  1. Start a video chat from your Friends list, or it’s super easy to start a video chat from your main Me screen. Tap the , select which friends you want to call. and then tap GO.
  2. The video call window appears with a message showing who you are calling.
    • Add up to 12 more friends to your video chat by tapping the .
    • Tap the  to snap a photo of your video chat in action.
    • Tap the  in the corner to switch to the Rear camera, turn the Camera off, or Mute your microphone.
    • Tap the  to choose a cool filter for your video call.
    • Tap the Chat icon  to send text chats with your friend during the call.
  3. Tap the  at any time to end the call. 
  4. How to Answer a video call
      • Tap Answer to start video chatting
      • Tap Decline to ignore the video call
      • Can’t answer at the moment? Tap Send Message to instant message with your friend instead

ooVoo mobile supports 4-video windows on over 250 Android devices. If you don't have 4-way video it's because your device hardware can't support it.

V. Check your Messages & History

Look at all your past calls and messages, and easily continue the conversation with your friends!

  1. From Tablet - Swipe left or tap the Message icon   From Smartphone - tap on the Message tab to get to your Messages. 
  2. This is the list of all your conversations and notifications sorted by date. Tap the two dots  to sort your conversations by datefriend, or see notifications only.
  3. Tap on a friend to see a conversation - this includes the video chats, text messages, and shared photos or videos you've had with that friend.

  1. Scroll up or down to explore the history of the conversation.
  2. Quickly text message by typing in the the text field and tap Send.
  3. Tap the  to add more friends to the chat, or easily start a new video chat, video message, or voice call with your friend.

 VI. Give your profile some style

Personalize your profile with a few quick steps:

  1. Get a fresh photo: Tap your profile photo, then tap again to update. Select Take a Photo to snap a new photo, Choose Gallery to use an image from your phone, or Choose from Media Library to use images from your ooVoo library. 
  2. Try a new nickname: Tap your profile photo and tap on your Display name. Enter the display name you want all your friends to see!
  3. Make your ooVie: Tap your profile photo and then Capture your latest moment. Record a new video or add one from your library to show your friends your ooVie.
  4. Let your friends know what’s up: Tap your profile photo and then Enter a status message. Type a short message, like what time you’re available to chat. Emojis & emoticons not accepted 


VII. Other helpful information and resources

These steps should get you started. There are plenty more awesome ooVoo features you should explore.  

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