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How do I get started with ooVoo on iOS?


Welcome to ooVoo! ooVoo video calls are always free - To or From anywhere in the world!

Make sure you have the latest version of ooVoo from the App Store and an Internet connection, Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G. ooVoo is available on iOS 7 and higher.  

I. Log in & Create an ooVoo ID

Tap   on your screen to create an ooVoo ID or Continue with Facebook to connect via Facebook.

  1. Click Sign up for ooVoo, enter the requested info, and tap Submit. Choose your ooVoo ID wisely, because it can not be changed 

If you've already signed up: Enter your ooVoo ID or email address and password and tap Log In. You can also login with your Googlemail or Facebook account. Every time you open the app, you start at the 

Friends screen

    From here you can:
    • Tap camera   to quickly start a call or chat with a friend.
    • Tap the Message icon to get to your Messages and history
    • Tap your profile photo to Edit your Profile & access Settings, and Dial a telephone number

II. Add Friends & Remove Friends

Tap    Add Friends button.

Find and invite friends from ooVoo, your contacts, or by connecting to Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.

  1. Select a social network and use your username and password to connect (i.e. sign into Facebook with your Facebook log in details)
  2. Tap  +  to add a friend already on ooVoo to your contact list.
  3. Tap + to invite a friend to join you on ooVoo. You can include a personal message to let your friend know you want to video chat!

Tap here to learn More ways to add friends!

Do you need to Remove someone and Block them? Tap here 

III. Chat with your friends 

  1. From your Friends page you can tap their video camera to start a call right now.
  2. Tap on a friend’s name and: 
    • Tap Video Chat to start a video call.
    • Tap Text Chat to start text messaging, OR to record and send a video or photo.
    • Tap Play Button to watch your friends ooVie

IV. Start a Video Chat*

 Tap   on your friend's profile to start a video call.

    The video call window appears with a message showing who you are calling. Lots of fun things to do when chatting:
    • Add up to 12 more friends* to your video chat by tapping the Add friends icon at the bottom of the window.
    • Tap camera     to snap a photo of your video chat in action.
    • Tap 3 dots [icon with open options] in the corner to Flip camera, turn the Camera off, or Mute your microphone.
    • Tap Paintbrush  to choose a cool filter for your video call.
    • Tap  Chat   to send text chats with your friend during the call.
    • Tap   to end the call. 

*ooVoo mobile supports 4-video windows iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 2 and newer, and iPod 5th generation.

*4-way video is not supported on: iPhone 4, iPhone 3, iPod 4.  If you don't have 4-way video it's because your device hardware can't support it, sorry!

2.  How to End a Video call

  • Tap  on the bottom of your video call window

3.  How to Answer a video call

  • Tap Answer to start video chatting
  • Tap Decline to ignore the video call
  • Can’t answer at the moment? Tap Send Message to instant message with your friend instead

V. Check your Messages & History

Review your past calls and messages 

  1. Tap Message  at the bottom of your Friends screen

  1. This is the list of all your conversations. 
  2. Tap a friend to see a conversation - this includes the video chats, text messages, and shared photos or videos you’ve had with that friend.

    • Scroll up or down to explore the history of the conversation.
    • Quickly text message by typing in the the text field and tapping Send.
    • Tap   to add more friends to the chat, or easily start a new video chat, video message, or voice call with your friend.


VI. Give your Profile some style & Update your Personal Settings

  1. Tap your profile photo get a fresh photo: Tap your Profile photo, then tap again to update. Select Take a Photo to snap a new photo, Choose from Library to use images from your ooVoo library, or Choose From Camera Roll to use an image from your phone. 
  2. Try a new nickname: Tap your profile photo and tap on your Display name. Enter the display name you want all your friends to see!
  3. Make your ooVie: Tap your profile photo and then Capture your latest moment. Record a new video or add one from your library to show your friends your favorite video moment. 

Let your friends know what’s up: Tap your profile photo and Edit Profile.  

You control who can see you on ooVoo. Update your Privacy Settings:

  1. Tap profile photo
  2. Tap Settings>Privacy & Security to update your privacy settings
  3. Need to change your password? Tap your profile photo and Settings>General>Change Password

VII. Other helpful information and resources

TIP:   Mobile manufacturers recommend restarting your device everyday! This will clear many apps left running and free up resources.  Also delete or close any apps you no longer use because they take up space and can cause performance issues. For more help tap here.






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