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I am getting 'Connection Failed' in my video calls on PC

'Connection Failed' is a symptom that something is blocking ooVoo - such as an anti-virus, firewall, etc. We have several suggestions to identify & fix the problem. These programs can block your ability to video call or cause immediate disconnections (blocked). A new update can trigger problems never experienced. 

**As of March 2014, we are aware of updates to Advanced System Care, WebRoot, and McAfee that require you to re-add ooVoo as Trusted or Safe. We also suggest to check iObit Malware or Cisco security modules. Remove any programs you do not use; they can slow your computer. 


Click here to locate your anti-virus and steps to allow your anti-virus program to trust ooVoo. 

If you are still getting a 'Connection Failed' error message please follow these steps to review your Proxy settings: 

If you are connecting to the internet via a corporate network, I recommend that you consult with the IT manager on how you can bypass the proxy or have it configured to allow ooVoo connection.

If you are using a home network connection and did not configure any proxy, please follow the directions below to remove proxy settings:

    • Click on Windows START button and type PROXY in the search box.
    • From the search results click 'Configure Proxy Server'
    • On the Connection tab of the Internet properties window click on LAN Settings button and delete (Uncheck) any configured settings in that window
    • Save changes and try to start a video call

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