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I am getting 'Connection Failed' in my video calls on PC

'Connection Failed,' is a symptom that something is blocking ooVoo - such as an anti-virus, firewall, computer performance improvement software, etc. 

Symptoms include:  inability to sign in, inability to video call or immediate video call disconnections (blocked). Recent updates to any of the above programs can trigger a new problem. We have several suggestions to help you identify & fix the problem. 

What programs are running on your computer?

  • Antivirus and/or Firewall programs may include updated modules that prevent ooVoo to establish a connection.  
  • Check if you are streaming video, sending or receiving email messages with large attachments, or uploading/downloading large files. Some applications run in the background to download music, video clips, auto-file backup or other.
  • If you are connected to a network with other users, check if they are uploading/downloading large files, streaming video, etc while you are on a call. 
  • Please be sure ooVoo is added as Trusted. We also suggest to remove any programs you do not use; they can slow your computer.

  • We suggest to especially review settings on:  
    • Advanced System Care
    • McAfee   
    • Webroot
    • iObit Malware 
    • Cisco security modules 
    • Software to improve computer performance

Please be sure ooVoo is Trusted to set to Allow ooVoo.


Is your PC connected to your modem via a router or wireless router?

If yes, please make sure that the router doesn't block ooVoo. Check the Firewall/Applications/Filters tabs in the router's User Interface. If you need assistance to configure it, visit the website of the router manufacturer and download a manual to see how to allow blocked programs


How is your computer CPU performing?

The best time to perform this test is when you are connected to ooVoo and in a video call (or attempting to use video after you start an ooVoo call):

  • Press CTRL-ALT-DEL on your PC and Start Task Manager
  • Click on the Performance tab and read the "CPU Usage" bar chart. 

If the CPU Usage is near 100% and stays there, you will need to try another computer.

HINT: You can lower the amount of CPU and bandwidth used in a video call by making two adjustments:

  • Lower the frame rate for your camera. Select File>Settings>General>Audio and Video and select a lower frame rate from the 'Frame rate' drop down arrow. Note, it will make your video grainy.
  • During the video call, select a lower bandwidth. Go to Actions drop down box at the top of a video window, select Standard Resolution. This will lower the bandwidth used although you will notice the video is a little grainy.


How’s your network connection?

Bandwidth can vary based on the time of day and overall usage. A minimum of 180 Kbps upload speed of available bandwidth is required to send your video signal and have a video call with 2 people, 384Kbps for Hi Resolution.  

Click here to test your internet speed and quality. It requires Java to run. 


1)   Click on your location on the map and then click on the USA: Dulles, Virginia test center

2)   Be sure to click YES to Allow Java to run

3)   On the right side of the page under Choose a Test Type, click on Speed and Click to Start Test

4)   The test results will present your upload and download speed. All indicators should be green. Yellow or Red on Consistency of Service means your internet bandwidth is not stable and can result in video call problems.

5)   Next, under Choose a Test Type, click on Quality and Click to Start Test.

6)   When the test is finished, click on the SUMMARY tab. Yellow or Red on Consistency of Service means your internet bandwidth is not stable and can result in video call problems

We suggest contacting your internet provider if you have consistent video call problems and red lights. Be sure to tell them you are having video calls which are impacted by low quality of service. Most internet bandwidth services will fluctuate in peak usage times and this is normal; the best measure is to upgrade your service.






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