How do I record an ooVie on Android or iOS?

Your ooVie is your personal video profile! It will also display on your ME home screen as a blur behind your profile photo.

  1. From the Me home screen tap your profile photo.
  2. Tap on Capture your latest moment.
  3. Tap on the record button  to record a new video or tap on the media library icon  to add an existing video from your device.
  4. While recording a new ooVie*, you have several options:
    • Tap the paintbrush  to add a video filter.
    • Tap the camera  to snap a photo.
    • Tap the flip camera button on your device to change between front and rear cameras.
    • Tap the record button  again to stop recording. Tap Post to post on your profile, or Retake to record again.
    • Tap the play button on your Me screen to play your current ooVie. From there, you can tap Create New to change it.

*Your ooVie video can only be created from ooVoo. It does not support videos created outside of ooVoo.

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