How do I record an ooVie on Android or iOS?

Your ooVie is your personal video profile! 

  • From iOS, tap on your profile photo. Tap again on your profile photo and Edit Background. Select existing media or create something new.
  • From Android, tap on the drawer icon from your friend screen. Tap the pencil edit icon and Change Background. Follow below steps to add existing media or create something new! Yo can only use videos created in ooVoo.


Tap on the record button  to record a new video or tap on the media library icon  to add an existing video from your device.

  • While recording a new ooVie*, you have several options:
    • Tap the paintbrush  to add a video filter.
    • Tap the camera  to snap a photo.
    • Tap the flip camera button on your device to change between front and rear cameras.
    • Tap the record button  again to stop recording. Tap Post to post on your profile, or Retake to record again.
    • Tap the play button on your Me screen to play your current ooVie. From there, you can tap Create New to change it.


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