How do I invite my friends from Facebook to join me on ooVoo from my iOS device?

Add your Facebook friends to your ooVoo list!   You will not see who is online unless they are on your ooVoo friends list.

First, tap on Login with Facebook.

Once you’ve signed into ooVoo, if you are using a phone, swipe to the right or tap on the Friends  icon in the top right of your screen. This is your Friends list. Your Friends list will already be visible on a tablet. Scroll up and down to see all your contacts.

Tap the add Friends icon  in the upper left hand corner. .

  1. Tap the Facebook icon . If you are not connected to Facebook, a page will appear asking you to log into Facebook. Enter your Facebook email and password, and click OK when prompted.
    You can choose to unlink your Facebook account at any time. Select Unlink from Facebook in the ooVoo menu on your PC or Mac.
  2. Your contacts are sorted into two groups, contacts on ooVoo and contacts not on ooVoo. Tap Add  next to your Facebook friends you’d like to add who are already on ooVoo. Tap Invite next to your Facebook friends you’d like to add who are not already on ooVoo.

Having a problem connecting to Facebook?

If you have the Facebook App installed on your device, please first log in to your Facebook App and then try
again to connect via ooVoo with your Facebook account. Be sure to Allow the permissions for ooVoo on your Facebook account.

If that is not successful follow the next steps.

  1. Tap on your iOS device Settings icon
  2. Scroll down and tap on Facebook
  3. Set ooVoo to ON

If you are still unable to connect please perform the below steps; we suggest to perform them a few times:

  • Sign out of ooVoo
  • Login to your Facebook account from the website or App
  • Tap on the main menu of the App, scroll down and tap on Account Settings
  • Tap on Apps and Websites
  • Tap on ooVoo and then on Remove Application
  • Logout of Facebook and ooVoo
  • Click to Connect to Facebook from ooVoo and sign in. Make sure to accept all permissions! You may
    need to perform this step a few times!
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