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How do I get started with ooVoo on Mac


Welcome to ooVoo!

All you need to get started is a strong internet connection and the latest version of ooVoo.

I. Log in and Create an ooVoo ID

Double-click the ooVoo icon on your desktop, or find and open it in your Applications folder.

  1. Click Sign up for ooVoo, enter the requested information, then click Sign up. Choose your ooVoo ID wisely, because it cannot be changed! Optionally, you can also Sign up with Facebook
  1. If you have already signed up: Enter your ooVoo ID or email address and your password, then click Log In. Or Log in with Facebook to connect to your Facebook account. 

  1. Make sure you Check Your Audio and Video from the Help menu to make sure your microphone and speakers are set up and working properly.  

II. Add Friends & Remove friends

Click the  button.

 Find friends easily by connecting to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and your address book.

  1. Select a social network and use your username and password to connect.
  2. Click Add to add a contact to your contact list.
  3. Click Invite to invite a contact to join you on ooVoo. Include a personal message to let your friend know you want to video chat!

You can also Search on ooVoo and Invite friends to ooVoo to find, add, and invite even more friends.

Need to remove and block someone? Click here to learn how.

III. Make a Video Call

  1. Start a video chat by double-clicking a contact or by clicking the  button next to a contact. 
    • Add up to 12 friends to your video chat with the [plus] button.
    • Click the [chat] button to instant message with your contacts during the video call.
    • Adjust or mute the microphone  and speakers .
    • Turn off the Camera  to make your video chat into a voice call.
    • Select the Side bar  to change to a slim sidebar. Click again to return to standard view.
    • Select Share Screen  to allow your contact to see your desktop.
    • Click Cancel or press the  button at any time to end the call.
  1. If a friend or group of friends calls you, you have 3 options:

Answer to start video chatting.

Chat to instant message instead of video call.

Reject if you don’t want to video chat. The caller will get a “no response” message.

IV. Instant text message

You can easily chat with your contacts via instant messages.

      1. Start a text chat by clicking on the  next to a contact. Type your message and hit Send.
      2. Add more contacts to the chat by dragging each contact into the chat window.
      3. Click History  to see the history of your chats and video calls with friends. 

V. Personalize Your Profile

    1. To update your profile photo, select My Profile from the ooVoo menu, then Change display photo. Capture a new photo by selecting From webcam or click From file to upload an image. 
    2. To update your display name, select Edit my Profile from the My Profile section of the ooVoo menu.
    3. To update your status, click in the Status Message field on the main ooVoo window beneath your display name. Type a short message, such as what time you will be available to chat.

VI. Additional Resources

  • Privacy Settings: Review your privacy settings to determine who you want to be able to see your profile and call you.  If your Privacy settings are wide open you can be contacted by anyone at any time.

From the ooVoo menu bar select ooVoo and Settings. Click Privacy.

    • Select the desired privacy settings
    • Click Save to save your changes.
  • Report Abuse. We have a built-in feature on PC & Mac that allows you to Report Abuse during a video call. To Report Abuse right-click on the video window of the contact you want to report and click on Report Abuse.  If you receive an invitation from someone you don't know and don't want to add, select to Ignore the request and check the box to Also block this person from contacting me again.

Need more help? Head over to the ooVoo Support Center

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