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Welcome to ooVoo! ooVoo video calls are always free to anywhere in the world...wow!

Make sure you have the latest version of ooVoo and an internet connection. You’re all set to connect with your friends! Click here to download ooVoo.

I. Log in & Create an ooVoo ID

Double-click the ooVoo icon on your desktop

  1. Click Sign up for ooVoo, enter the requested info, and click Sign up. Choose your ooVoo ID wisely, because it can not be changed! Or Sign up with Facebook to sign up using your Facebook account. 

  1. If you’ve already signed up: Enter your ooVoo ID or email address and password and click Log In. Or Log in with Facebook to connect to your Facebook account.
  2. Make sure you Check audio and video from the Help menu to make sure your microphone and speakers are set up and working properly.

II. Add friends & Remove friends

Let’s get your crew into your contact list. Click the  button.

Find friends easily by connecting to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Address Book.

  1. Select a social network and use your username and password to connect.
  2. Click Add to add a friend to your contact list.
  3. Click Invite to invite a friend to join you on ooVoo. Include a personal message to let your friend know you want to video chat!

You can also Search on ooVoo to find, add, and invite friends already on ooVoo!. Your list is already growing!

Need to remove and block someone? Click here to learn how.

II. Make a video call

Now that your friends are here, it’s time to start video chatting!

  1. Start a video chat by double-clicking a contact or clicking the  button next to a contact.
    • You can also click the Web Call button to start a call with friends not on ooVoo. Just double-click to begin, then copy the Call Me link to send to your friends. They will be prompted to install ooVoo and create and ID.
  2. The video call window appears with a message showing who you are calling. 
    • Add up to 12 more friends to your video chat by clicking Add to call button .
    • Under Actions, click Chat to instant message with your friends during the video call.
    • Make sure your friends hear you with the Microphone  and Speakers . To adjust, move the slider right or left; to mute simple click on each button.
    • Click the Camera  to turn it off and make your video chat into a voice call.
    • Under View, select the Sidebar option or Fullscreen to change how you see ooVoo on your computer.
    • Under Actions, select Share screen and your friends can see your desktop, or Record to save your video chats for later!
    • Click Cancel or press the  button at any time to end the call.
  1. If a friend or group of friends calls you, you have 3 options:

Answer to start video chatting.

Chat to instant message instead of video call.

Reject if you don’t want to video chat. The caller will get a “no response” message. 

IV. Instant text message

Not in the mood for video? It’s easy to chat with your friends with instant messages.

  1. Start a text chat by clicking on the  next to a contact or select Start chat from the drop-down arrow next to a contact. Type your message and hit Send.
  2. Add more friends to the chat by clicking Invite  or dragging each contact into the chat window.
  3. Click the History  at the top of the chat window to see the history of your chats and video calls with your friend. 

V. Send a video message

Why send an email when you can send your smiling face? Record a voice or video messageto send to your friends, even if they’re not on ooVoo yet!

  1. Select Send video message from the Actions menu. If you prefer to send a voice message click the camera button  to turn off the camera.
  2. Click  to start recording and click  when you have finished recording your message. To preview the message, click .
  3. Add/remove contacts to send your video message to ooVoo friends or email contacts.


  1. Hit Send if it’s ready or save it to your Drafts to send later. Click Save As to save a copy of the video to your computer.
  2. Ready for the big screen? You can upload your video message straight to YouTube by clicking .

VI. Give your profile some style

Personalize your profile with a few quick steps:

  1. Get a fresh photo: From the ooVoo menu, select My Profile and Edit my profile. Change your Display photo by selecting Add a photo from webcam to snap a new photo or Add a photo from file to upload your favorite one. 
  2. Try a new nickname: While you’re in Edit my profile, click on the Display name text field. Enter the display name you want all your friends to see.
  3. Let your friends know what’s up: Click in the Status Message field on the main ooVoo window under your display name. Type a short message, like what time you’re available to chat.

VII. Screen sharing

Easily share your screen with all your friends on a video call

  1. During a video call, hover your mouse over the top of the window and click Actions and select Screen sharing. A popup message will appear to let you know that your screen will be viewed by all participants. Click OK.
    • If the video call window is in the standard view, it will be automatically changed to sidebar view to display your screen. Your screen is now displayed to all video call participants.
  2. Click  to close the screen sharing session. The standard view returns.
  3. Click to end the video call at any time.

VIII. Video call recording

Capture your favorite moments by recording your video call to save and watch later, or upload to YouTube for everyone to see!

  1. During an ooVoo call, select Actions and click . To stop the recording, click Actions and 
  2. When you stop the recording, the recorded file is completed and when you start the recording again a new file begins. Click  to end the conversation when you want
  3. After recording, go to click History under the ooVoo menu and select Recorded files. Now you can save, watch, and upload your recorded files!


IX. How to block and remove people?

Sometimes you may want to remove someone from your contact list and block them from contacting you again. If you Removed someone without Blocking them, they can contact you again. If you are contacted be sure to select to Ignore the request and check the box to Also Block this person from contacting me again

  1. Sign into your ooVoo account on PC 
  2. Select Actions > More Actions
  3. Select Block Contact and it will also give option to Remove Contact from List

Here are more ways to make your account more secure to avoid calls from people you just don't want to speak with!

  1. Privacy Settings

You may also want to review your privacy settings to avoid unwanted contact from people you don't know. If your Privacy settings are wide open you can be contacted by anyone at any time.

From the ooVoo interface menu bar select ooVoo and Settings. Click Privacy.

  • Select the desired privacy settings
  • Click Save to save your changes.
  • Next, from Settings click on Video Calls>Video call Settings
  • Select to receive calls from My Contacts Only
  1. Report Abuse. We have a built-in feature on PC & Mac that allows you to Report Abuse during a video call. To Report Abuse right-click on the video window of the person you want to report and click on Report Abuse.
  2. If you receive an invitation from someone you don't know and don't want to add, be sure to select to Ignore the request and check the box to Also Block this person from contacting me again.

XII Other helpful information and resources

Do you want to call a telephone number? Click here to learn how.

Do you want to record your video call? Click here to learn how

Is ooVoo free? Am I charged for using ooVoo? Click here to learn more.

These steps should get you started. There are plenty more awesome ooVoo features you should explore. Make sure to check out Watch Together, Dial a Telephone number, and Video Call Recording for some different ways to hang with your friends. Need more help? Head over to the ooVoo Support Center

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