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How do I call telephone numbers?

To call land-lines or mobile phones, you need are ooVoo Credits.

You can call your friends from your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device. ooVoo calling ability is out-going only.

...Facts about ooVoo Credits...

  • Credits are used to call telephone numbers and can be on ooVoo used from PC, Mac, Android or iOS.
  • ooVoo calls are out-bound only. Your caller ID will display a number with a 646-300 prefix
  • Credits do not auto-renew buy only when you want them!
  • Credits can be purchased in $10, $25 and $50 US dollar amounts. They will be converted to your local currency on your credit card statement.
  • We do offer an auto-recharge option. Your ooVoo credit will be refilled with $10 when your balance reaches $1 USD. You can select or cancel this option at any time via your My Account page.
  • ooVoo does not assign a telephone number 
  • The cost per minute does not change regardless of your location!

Click or tap here for available countries and per minute rates

How to dial a telephone number with ooVoo: 

Mobile Android:

  • Tap on Contacts.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list.
  • Tap on Dial a Friend.
  • Enter (+) symbol by holding down the 0.
  • Enter country code, number and tap on Start Call.

Mobile iOS:

  • Tap on your profile photo
  • Tap Dial a Friend
  • Enter (+) symbol by holding down the 0


  1. Scroll to the telephone window at the bottom of the screen. Select the country and enter the phone number in the field. Click the Call button.
    • OR right-click on an ooVoo contact/offline ooVoo contact and select Start phone call. If your friend added a telephone number to their profile, the number will appear. Select the number or select Dial Pad to dial the phone number. Click Call button.
    • OR click Actions (PC) or Window (Mac) and select the Dial Pad. Enter the phone number or click the Phonebook to select a saved entry. Click the Call button.
  1. If you need to enter digits for an extension after you start the call, you can use the keypad again.
  2. Click the End Call button to end the call.
  3. You can view your call history by clicking the Dial Pad and then History button.

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