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I forgot my ooVoo ID and/or password

To recover your Password and/or ID:

  1. From the ooVoo login page, click on Forgot your Password?
  2. Enter your ooVoo ID or ooVoo email address and click or tap Send.
  3. You should get an email with your ID and password within a few minutes. Note: Your password can only be sent to the email address on file for your accountIf you do not see an email from us, please check your SPAM folder.  You may need to mark this mail as NOT SPAM to add ooVoo as Safe.

Still can't find it?

  • Did you create your account via Facebook? If so, you need to click on Login with Facebook, then enter your Facebook email and your Facebook password. ooVoo cannot access your Facebook credentials.
  • If you created an account via Facebook and unlinked it, the account had been erased and is not recoverable.  In this case, please create a new ooVoo ID and re-invite your friends. 
  • If you do not have access to the email address that is associated with the account, we suggest that you create a new ID with your current email.

How to Create a New Account

From your mobile device:

Visit Google Play,  App Store or Windows StoreSearch for ooVoo and install. Create an ooVoo ID using your email address and then add a display name. All messages and invitations from friends will be sent to this email address.

From your desktop:

Click here to install ooVoo on your desktop. Create an ID using your email address and then add a display name. All messages and invitations from friends will be sent to this email address. You can use your account on your desktop and mobile devices to stay connected with friends anytime!

You may create as many ooVoo IDs as you want, but you will need a unique email address for each account. Be sure to use a real email address or you will not be able to recover your password, get video messages, or receive email notifications from us.

ID (Username) Requirements:

  • It must contain between 6 and 29 characters with no spaces.

  • It can include numbers, lowercase letters and only the following 3 special characters: underscores (_), dashes (-) and periods (.)

  • It must start with a letter/number.

  • It cannot end with a period

  • It is not case sensitive when signing in (both the client and ‘My Account’).

Password Requirements:

  • It must contain between 6 and 25 characters with no spaces.

  • It can only include numbers and letters (both uppercase and lowercase are allowed). It is case sensitive.

  • All special characters are blocked

Once you have downloaded ooVoo, tap or click here to learn how to add friends and start chatting.

Welcome to the ooVoo community!




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