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How do I start a video call on my mobile device?

Start a call from your contact list:

Tap the camera icon  near the contact's profile photo to initiate a video call.


Start a call while texting:

While you are text messaging with a friend, tap the camera icon  to initiate a video call. 

Start a call from your Messages:

Tap the camera  to initiate a video call while reviewing messages from a person or a group.

Answer a Call:

ooVoo always let’s you know when your friends want to video chat with you. If you’re in the ooVoo app a window will pop up telling you a friend is calling.  

  • Tap Answer to start video chatting
  • Tap Decline to ignore the video call
  • Can’t answer at the moment? Tap Send Message to instant message with your friend instead 

End a Video call: 

  • Tap on the Red telephone handset on the bottom of your video call window

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